Winner of the Johnson Press South Awards 2017 for Outstanding Contribution to the Community!

October 6th 2017

Talks at Six were delighted to win the South award in the category of ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Community’. After 18 months we have had 54 talks, raised over £7,250.00 for various charities with a total audience of over 2000.

We would like to thank the Speakers for their time and interest, the Charities who have told their stories, to the audience who have been such great supporters and given generously, and to Freddie, my son, who has been so helpful on the technical side of things and so enthusiastic.  Thanks to Johnson Press for organising these awards and the sponsors who support them. Many thanks Marilyn Humphrey

Talks at Six – Winner of Outstanding Contribution to the Community – Chichester Observer Business Awards 2017

winner-OBA-logo-2017Talks at Six had it’s First Birthday on Thursday 30th March 2017.  In the year there have been 35 Talks at Six, raised over £4000.00  for 25 different charities, many of which are local.  Many thanks to our talented and interesting Speakers who have given their time and expertise, while raising money for worthwhile causes.

We have had over 1000 people who have attended and enjoyed the talks, our loyal supporters who have given so generously to the nominated charities.  Our thanks to them all.

We were shortlisted in the Observer and Gazette Business Awards, taking place on 31st March, in the category of Outstanding Contribution to the Community!  And we won!!! It was a great evening and very honoured to be the winner in this section. Thanks to the judges and to Rotary for sponsoring this award,  also thanks to Tim Mulkern for the website, Vicki Meddow-Smith for her promotion of Talks at Six on Love-Were-You-Live and Debbie Ford for social media exposure and Freddie (my son) for his technical and social media expertise and his total enthusiasm throughout.

Please look out for our programme of fantastic talks for 2017/18 and hopefully we will continue to  entertain you at Talks at Six.