Evolution of Brass Instruments

Thursday 4th June 2020

Rom Stanko, director and conductor of Chichester City Band, will give a history of brass instruments, and their technical and musical development, with musical demonstrations, noting how technical limitations influenced musical writing for the instruments.

Chosen Charity:  Changing Faces,  the UK’s leading charity for everyone with a scar, mark that makes them look different.  They provide advice, support and psychosocial service to all ages.

Lord Woolton – most famous man I’d never heard of

Thursday 28th May 2020

Born in the slums of Salford and rose to become Chairman of Lewis Department store, was minister for food and reconstruction in WW2, lived in Walberton and Patrick Dealtry will tell his story and rise to fame.

Chosen Charity:  Combat Stress- help veteran’s mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and PTSD.