Feel Your Way to Art

Thursday 9th August 2018

Heather Bowring will tell the stories, share the images and voices of the remarkable people shown in the tactile relief work portrait collection. ‘I am not who you think I am’

Chosen Charity: St Wilfrid’s new build in Bosham due to be completed this year and open in 2019.  Offering palliative care in the community and hospice.

Scam Awareness

Thursday 2nd August 2018

Richard Moorey, of Chichester Police, will talk about the most prevalent scams from courier, computer and investment fraud, rogue traders, door to door rogue traders and how to get rid of them!

Chosen Charity:  Chestnut Tree House – children’s hospice who care for children with terminal or serious illnesses.

Alan Brooke – Overlooked

Thursday 26th August 2018

Peter Rice will talk about our most important soldier in WW2. Churchill’s military right-hand man and a great leader in the defeat of the Axis powers.  Why was he overlooked?

Chosen Charity:  Royal British Legion. Who provide financial, social and emotional support to members and veterans of the British Armed Forces, their families and dependants.

Mandela – Life in Max Security Prison

Thursday 12th July 2018

Colin Chambers who was the Chaplin at Robben Island during part of Mandela’s 18 years there, tells of the conditions, regime, and the physical and psychological difficulties he endured.

Chosen Charity:  Faith and Football, a Christian Charity working in Portsmouth, helping young people reach their full potential, making a difference and changing lives.

At the Meeting House, Priory Road, Chichester, PO19 1NX and part of Festival of Chichester

Prisoners of Porchester Castle

Thursday 5th July 2018

Paul Chamberlain will tell the story of the Castle, once the home to 7,000 of Napoleon’s soldiers and seamen.  It examines the prisoner held there, how they lived and died, and how they occupied their time.

Chosen Charity:  Waterloo Uncovered – aims to understand war and its impact on people – and to educate the public about it.

An Evening with Kate Mosse

Saturday 30th June 2018

Kate Mosse, the well known local author, will talk about her writings, and her recently published book, The Burning Chambers.  Kate hosts the pre and post performance interview series at Chichester Festival Theatre and is involved with the Festival of Chichester.

Chosen Charity:  Parkinson’s Society – drives for better care, treatment and quality of life.  Because we are here, no one has to face Parkinson’s alone.

At the Jubilee Hall, New Park Centre, PO19 7XY and part of the Festival of Chichester


Darwin’s Legacy to DNA

Thursday 21st June 2018

Darwin’s Legacy – from Origin of Species’ to Synthetic Biology

Craig Gershater will trace the origins of modern biology back to the life of Charles Darwin.  From the Galapagos Islands to his research work and the profound influence on Society and legacy in terms of molecular biology and synthetic biology today.

Chosen Charity:  Cancer Research UK – whose work helps to discover the cause and treatment of Cancers.

At The Meeting House, Priory Road, Chichester PO19 1NX and part of the Festival of Chichester

Artists and Writers of West Sussex Coast

Thursday 7th June 2018

Graeme Payne, back by popular demand, will give us an entertaining and informative journey along our coast from Patrick Moore in Selsey to Leo Sayer in Shoreham, calling on  dozens of more on the way.

Chosen Charity:   Child Rescue in India – an organisation of orphanages and nine schools in India for homeless children, rescued from the streets.

Advances in Treatment of Heart Disease

Thursday 31st May 2018

Colin Reid, consultant Cardiologist at St Richards Hospital Chichester, having worked with transplant pioneer Pro Yacoub, will describe amazing advances in management of heart disease over the time of his career.

Chosen Charity:  British Heart Foundation – research into Heart diseases.