North Korea – Escaping the Regime

Thursday 30th November 2017

Jess Miller, a student at Chichester University,  will describe the dark and real terror behind the borders of the most secretive nation.  The talk will give a brief history of Korea, breakdown the reality of the dictatorship and what it means for the people who live there, and those who want to escape the regime.

Chosen Charity:  Liberty in North Korea and Amnesty International, both helping people around the world to liberty.

All Aboard with NATO

Thursday 16th November 2017

Commander Eleanor Stack, the first female Commanding Officer in the Royal Navy reflects on HMS Duncan’s operational deployment as the Flagship for the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 in the Black Sea and Mediterranean.  She joined the Royal Navy as a Warfare Officer in 2000 and has risen through the ranks and operated on many different ships and deployments. She will explain the role of the UK in NATO and operational duties.

Chosen Charity:  Royal Navy and Royal marines Charity RNRMC – the principal charity for the RN which exists to support sailors, marines and their families for life.